Alphabetical index of Richard Fariņa's writings

(songs are not included--see the songbook index for a list of songs)

Title: Genre: First Appearance:
American Afternoon story Mademoiselle Sep 66
American in Britain, An article Hootenanny Mar 64
Away where the Highlands poem Cornell Writer
Baez & Dylan: A Generation Singing Out article Mademoiselle Aug 64
Ballad of Joan Baez article Hootenany Nov 64 more info
Ballad of the Last Caution Gun Battle, The story [unpublished] more info
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me novel 28 April 1966 more info
Birthday poem Long Time Coming
Breaking the Travel-Ban article [unpublished] more info
Celebration for a Gray Day poem Atlantic Monthly Mar 61
Dick's Dilemmas column The Survey c. 1953-54 more info
Dream Song of J. Alfred Kerowack, The poem Trojan Horse Dec 60 more info
End to a Young Man, An story Long Time Coming
Field Near the Cathedral at Chartres, The poem Mademoiselle May 63
Flax Long Ripe, The poem Transatlantic Review Fall 61
For the Crashing and Burning of a Lockheed Electra whose Engines Had Been Clogged by Passing Birds poem Mademoiselle Oct 65
God Bless America and All the Ships at Sea story Epoch Spring 60 more info
Good Fortune of Stone story Long Time Coming
Graham Greene's New 'Entertainment' book review Cornell Daily Sun 25 Nov 58
Harry and the Celluloid Passion story Long Time Coming
Heavy Sound Breaks In play [unpublished] more info
Into the Spanish Streets with the Bulls of Pamplona article Village Voice 13 Sep 62
It Takes a While to Get Across Nebraska poem Prairie Schooner Spring 65
[Jack o' Diamonds] (untitled) poem Long Time Coming
Juan Carlos Rosenbloom story [unpublished] more info
Lepidopterist and his Nymphet, A book review Cornell Daily Sun 25 Sep 58
Let's Choose Up Sides and Play the Game of Life poem Long Time Coming
Little Nothing Poems poems Long Time Coming
Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone story Playboy Feb 67 more info
Mary Anne and Me story Cornell Writer Summer 59
Monterey Fair, The article Mademoiselle Mar 64
No Wind Had Been poem Transatlantic Review Fall 61
Nobody Would Say Where the Camera Was article S.F. Chronicle 1 May 66
November Elegy poem [unpublished] more info
Out by McGuckins poem Cornell Writer Mar 58
Passing of Various Lives, The story Long Time Coming
Poem for a Woman who Loved poem Cornell Writer v.6 no.1
Poem for Someone Else poem Transatlantic Review Fall 61
Portion of Ourselves, A book review Cornell Daily Sun 23 Apr 59
The Priest that from the Altar Burst poem Cornell Writer Mar 58
Returned from England poem Long Time Coming
Ringing out the Old in Happy Havana story Esquire Sep 69 more info
Sentimental Poem, A poem Cornell Writer Summer 59
Sestina for a Love Gone By poem Cornell Writer Summer 59
Shelter, The play [unpublished] more info
Snodgrass Publishes First Verse Volume book review Cornell Daily Sun 28 May 59
Student Action and Apartment Rules editorial Cornell Daily Sun 13 May 58
Very Last Thoughts of One Now Dead prose poem Cornell Writer
Vision of Brother Francis, The story Prairie Schooner Winter 62/63
Waiting for News poem Long Time Coming
Where Things May Go poem [unpublished]
Winter Thought, A poem Festival of Contemporary Arts
With A Copy of Dylan Under my Arm story Cornell Writer Mar 58
Writer as Cameraman, The article see "Nobody would say..."
Your Own True Name article Singer Songwriter Project