Eric von Schmidt:
Who Knocked the Brains Out of the Sky?

Smash/Mercury, 1969
Stereo SRS 67124
Running Time: 37:21
Produced by Mitch Greenhill.

1. Who Knocked the Brains Out of the Sky? - 4:04
2. Beanum and Barley - 4:55
3. Three Miles - :46
4. Living on the Corner - 3:46
5. Sudden Garden - 4:39
6. Catch It - 3:27
7. Bitter City - 3:25
8. Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather - 4:45
9. Hundred Acre Wood - 2:56
10. Weep for the Wood Man - 4:38

All songs written by Eric von Schmidt.

This album is considered a collector's item among Dylan fans since Bob wrote the liner notes on the back. For Fariņa fans, however, the main interest is the song "Catch It," which was written about Richard. If you're looking for this album, try to get one with the lyric sheet inside. The lyric sheet is four pages and is illustrated by von Schmidt. (Without the lyric sheet, you'd probably never guess that "Catch It" is about Richard.) "Catch It" also appeared on the B-side of Eric's 45, "Living on the Corner" (Mercury/Smash S-2238), and the song was also recorded by Geoff and Maria Muldaur on their 1971 LP, Pottery Pie.

Click here for the lyrics to "Catch It."

It seems there are two different covers for this album, each with a different expression on Eric's face:

The music itself was a bit of a departure from von Schmidt's usual blues style; it's an eclectic, Sgt. Peppery set with unusual instruments like cembalet, calliope, hurdy-gurdy, krumkorn, and Japanese bells. You may feel a little light-headed afterwards. Enjoy!

From the back cover. Photo by Dunston Pereira.

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