Articles I'm looking for

Here is a list of articles I'm looking for. If you have any of these items, write to me at

Cornell Daily News
December 15, 1959. vo. 62.
Notice of Richard's appearance in New Campus Writing.

Bring the Troops Home Now Newsletter
March 7, 1966, p. 5.
"Ballad of the Green Beret meets up with Anti-War Songs." Reports on a February 26 concert at Boston War Memorial Auditorium: Barry Sadler had a folk music showdown with Phil Ochs and Richard & Mimi.

Daily Californian
April 29, 1966, p. 14.
"Phil Ochs, Richard and Mimi Farina on Folk Music." Ochs, Richard and Mimi discuss new songwriters such as Eric Andersen and David Blue.

New York Herald Tribune [uncertain date] by Dick Schaap
New York World Telegram [uncertain date] by Bruce Porter
These articles, mentioned by Hajdu, apparently discussed the forthcoming Baez album produced by Farina. Dates not known.

Broadside of Boston
May 11, 1966: Death of Richard Fariņa
May 25, 1966: Tribute to Richard Fariņa

San Francisco Chronicle
[uncertain date]
Sometime in June 1966 John Wasserman reviewed Mimi's debut as a rock singer at the Fillmore.

Berkeley Barb
August 12, 1966.
No further info.

Melody Maker
July 15, 1967.
Album review.

Berkeley Barb
Vol. 5, no. 14. October 13-20, 1967.
Mimi is mentioned along with Malvina Reynolds and Will Geer in an article about a Woody Guthrie memorial.

Jazz & Pop
August 1968.
A photo portfolio of Joan Baez includes photo(s) of Mimi.

Eye Magazine
October 1968.
Mimi is mentioned in an article on the Newport Folk Festival.

Number 96, 1968.
This student magazine from Sheffield has something about Richard Fariņa.

March 1969.
Something about Mimi.

November 3, 1969, p. 20.

June 1970.
Mimi and Milan Melvin on cover.

Films and Filming
May, 1971. no. 200.
Coverage of the movie, Fools, in which Mimi appeared briefly. Includes a picture of Mimi.

Disc and Music Echo
August 14, 1971.
Weekly music newspaper in the UK.

August 14, 1971.
Weekly music newspaper in the UK.

Rock (New York City-based newspaper)
October 25, 1971 (vol. 3, no. 6)
There is something about Richard Fariņa in this issue, but I don't know what exactly. Judging from the year, it may have been a review of the Best of album, or the film adaptation of Been Down (which premiered in New York and never got any further) or the musical, Long Time Coming.

Strait Creek Journal (Boulder, Colorado left-wing paper)
Vol. 1, no. 2, February 17, 1972.
An article on Mimi.

Popular Music
Fall 1972, p. 61.
Review of Take Heart.

Stereo Review
January, 1972, p. 107.
Review of Take Heart.

Georgia Straight
July 12-19, 1973. vol. 7 no. 301.
Concert review.

Folk Scene
September 1974. vol. 2 no. 7.

Melody Maker
May 3, 1975.
Something about Richard.

Art for Humanity
no. 3, 1977, p. 10-15.
Interview with Mimi on Bread & Roses, by P. Abernathey

April 28, 1979, no. 1809.
Celebrity mag from Spain. Half-page feature.

BAM: The California Music Magazine.
September 1, 1979.
A review of the Bread and Roses fundraiser concert.

Christian Science Monitor
January 17, 1980. 72: B12-B13.
"To the Prisoners: A Gift of Music." Interview by S.D. McBride.
I believe there are different editions of this newspaper varying by region. This was probably in a west coast edition.

August 24, 1985. p. 84-87.
"After 15 Years Music Triumphs Again at Newport."
Brief coverage of the festival, with photos by David Gahr. Includes one photo of Mimi with Judy Collins. I would appreciate getting a decent scan of the photo.

Sunday Times Magazine (London Times insert?)
September 10, 1995.
"Relative Values."
On Mimi and Joan. Two pages with three photos.

Performing Songwriter
September/October 1997. 5:26. pl 54-57. Profile and interview with Mimi.

Any other articles, ads, photos, or memorabilia pertaining to Richard or Mimi, or related people such as Bruce Langhorne, Eric von Schmidt, Carolyn Hester, etc., and old issues of Broadside of Boston. If you have better quality copies of photos or posters I already have on the website, those too are appreciated. Write to me at if you have any of these items to donate or trade.