Vietnam Songbook
Compiled and edited by
Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber
Guardian / Monthly Review Press, 1969.

This songbook includes an unreleased Fariņa song, "A Sailor's Song." Like many of Fariņa's songs, this one is credited as having new words to traditional music, and it appears to be based on "Foggy Dew." Of course the sheet music gives only the merest hint as to how Richard and Mimi might have performed it. I asked Irwin Silber if the song was ever recorded, or how he found out about it, and he replied, "When we decided to do this book we sent out a general call to singers and song-writers for submissions and suggestions. I'm not sure who suggested Richard Fariņa's song to us."

Silber had recently left his position as editor of Sing Out! magazine to work for the political magazine, The Guardian, which published The Vietnam Songbook with Silber and his wife Barbara Dane as editors. The book includes songs by Barbara Dane, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Langston Hughes, Julius Lester, Peggy Seeger, Ewan MacColl, Country Joe McDonald, and others, as well as some songs in Vietnamese. Many of the songs originally appeared in Sing Out! and Broadside, but, according to Irwin Silber, "A Sailor's Song" did not appear in either of those publications.

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