The Fariñas in Context: A Timeline

It was the best of times...
it was the worst of times...

Newport Folk Festival is resumed (as a non-profit venture) after a two-year hiatus.
1907 Feb 7:
Liborio Ricardo Fariñas is born in Cuba.
1911 July 16:
Theresa Crozier is born in Moortown, County Tyrone, Ireland.
1912 Nov. 15:
Albert Vinicio Baez is born in Puebla, Mexico.
1913 April 11:
Joan Bridge is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1925 Ricardo Fariñas emigrates to US after running into trouble organizing a union. Blind Lemon Jefferson's first recordings F. Scott Fitzgerald:
The Great Gatsby
José Vasconcelos:
La Raza Cósmica
The Scopes Trial
1929 Theresa Crozier emigrates to the U.S. with her sister Lizzie. Blind Willie McTell records "Travelin' Blues". Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms The stock market crashes in October, leading to the Great Depression.
1934 May 26:
Richard Farina Sr. marries Theresa Crozier in Manhattan.
Sleepy John Estes' first recordings. Henry Roth:
Call it Sleep
The great dustbowl storms ravage midwestern farms in the spring.
1937 January 28:
Carolyn Hester born in Waco, Texas.
March 8:
Richard George Farina born at Midwood Hospital in Brooklyn.
Alan Lomax rediscovers Jelly Roll Morton.

Robert Johnson's second (and last) round of recordings.

William Faulkner:
The Unvanquished
Christopher Cauldwell:
Illusion and Reality
Tolkein: The Hobbit
Picasso: Guernica
Amelia Earhart disappears.
Hindenburg explodes.
1945 April 30:
Margarita Mimi Baez born in Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California.

Richard, age 8, is sent to relatives in Cuba to alleviate his allergies. He returns speaking Spanish "a mile a minute."

Woody Guthrie:
Talking Union Blues
Richard Wright:
Black Boy
Jan 3:
The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) is instituted to investigate propaganda and subversive activities hostile to the U.S.
April 30:
Hitler commits suicice.
July 16:
First atomic bomb is successfully tested in Alamogordo, NM.
Aug 6-9:
U.S. drops bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
1951 Albert Baez is hired by Unesco to build a physics lab at the University of Baghdad. The Baez family moves to Baghdad for a year. 45 rpm singles are introduced. J.D. Salinger:
Catcher in the Rye
I Love Lucy premiers, bringing the first interracial couple (Irish and Cuban) to television.
1952 The Baez family returns to Redlands, CA. Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music
Jean Ritchie's 1st album: Traditional Songs of her Kentucky Mountain Home
Sep 1:
The Old Man and the Sea is published in Life magazine.
Nov 1:
The first hydrogen bomb is tested in the Marshall islands.
1953 July 10-Sept. 15
During summer vacation after his sophomore year, Richard travels in England, Ireland and Scotland; attends Edinburgh Festival.
Odetta begins her career in San Francisco; appears with Seeger and Belafonte in New York.

John Jacob Niles: American Folk Love Songs to Dulcimer Accompaniment

Arthur C. Clarke: Childhood's End
Arthur Miller: The Crucible
Nov. 9:
Dylan Thomas dies after drinking whiskey at White Horse Tavern.
Joseph McCarthy begins televised hearings investigating Communist infiltration.
March 5:
Stalin dies.
July 27:
Korean War ends.
Film: The Wild One
Premiere of Playboy magazine.
1954 Mimi and Joan Baez see Pete Seeger in concert.
Elvis Presley's 1st single: "That's All Right, Mama"/ "Blue Moon of Kentucky"

Woody Guthrie is hospitalized for Huntington's Chorea

Faulkner: A Fable
Aldous Huxley: The Doors of Perception
William Golding: Lord of the Flies
May 17:
Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka: Supreme Court rules that racial segregation violates the 14th Amendment.
1955 Feb:
Richard graduates from Brooklyn Tech, 14th in a class of 197.

Travels in Ireland, sleeping in warehouses and country fields.

Attends Cornell in the Fall.

Carolyn Hester moves to Manhattan to enroll in the American Theater Wing.

Ravi Shankar's first US tour.

The New Miles Davis Quintet

Sep 15:
Nabokov's novel Lolita is published by Olympia Press in Paris while Nabokov teaches at Cornell. Black market copies begin to be sold at the campus bookstore a year or two later.

Graham Greene: The Quiet American

Film: Blackboard Jungle

House Un-American Activities Committee subpoenas Pete Seeger

August 28:
14-year-old Emmett Till is brutally murdered for flirting with a white woman in Money, Mississippi. Dec 1:
Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama.

1956 Richard moves out of Delta Upsilon.

May 13:
Richard writes a letter to his father announcing his decision to leave the engineering program and become a writer.

Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel"

Odetta Sings Blues and Ballads

Allen Ginsberg: Howl
Herbert Gold: The Man who was not With It
William H. Whyte: The Organization Man
Federal Highway Act begins the Intersate Highway Program.
1957 Summer:
Richard and Paul Cleaver hitchhike across U.S.

Richard attends Antioch Writers Conference in Ohio.

President's Committee at Cornell issues a Fraternity Social Code that arouses protests.

Richard steals figurines from a campus hall.

Mose Allison:
Back Country Suite

Paul Clayton:
Dulcimer Songs and Solos

David Amram:
The Eastern Scene

Vladimir Nabokov:

Jack Kerouac:
On the Road

Hubert Selby:
Last Exit to Brooklyn

October 4:
USSR launches Sputnik 1, the first man-made Earth satellite. The Space Age beings.
1958 Richard wins undergraduate writing contest for "With a Copy of Dylan Under My Arm;" it is published in Cornell Writer.

Friday, May 23:
Richard participates in a student protest at Cornell. He is suspended.

Travels in Ireland (?)

The Baez family moves to Belmont, MA. Joan attends Boston University; she and Mimi discover the Cambridge folk scene.

Oct 23:
Back at Cornell, Richard reads from Lolita at a Book & Bowl meeting (student/faculty literary club)

Richard travels to Cuba; he visits Havana, Veradero and Santa Clara with classmates Paul Cleaver and David Seidler. While they are at bar in Havana a woman blows herself up.

Jan 6:
Club Mt. Auburn (Club 47) opens in Cambridge. Originally a jazz coffee house, it soon becomes the center of the folk revival.

Carolyn Hester's 1st album:
Scarlet Ribbons

Kingston Trio: "Tom Dooley" (1st major hit of the Urban Folk Revival)

Stereo technology is introduced.

Nabokov: Lolita (U.S.)

Oakley Hall: Warlock

Kerouac: Dharma Bums and Subterraneans

Jack Cole, Plasticman creator, dies by suicide.

US Civil Rights Commission inaugurated

The John Birch Society is founded by Robert Welch.

1959 Apr 16-19:
Richard performs in Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood.

Apr 30:
Richard's play, A Heavy Sound Breaks In, is performed at Cornell.

June 24:
Richard is officially dropped by Cornell.

Richard returns to NYC to take a job at J. Walter Thompson, an advertising company. He and Carolyn Hester meet at the White Horse Tavern when Richard is singing "The Wild Colonial Boy."

Nov 10:
Richard participates in jazz-poetry reading at Willard Straight Memorial Room at Cornell.

1st Newport Folk Festival

Joan Baez's 1st recording: Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square

Miles Davis:
Kind of Blue

John Fahey:
Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death

William S. Burroughs: Naked Lunch

Terry Southern: The Magic Christian

Fidel Castro and a small guerilla army overthrow the Batista regime in Cuba.

Film: Pull My Daisy

1960 Richard and Carolyn meet again at a folk fest in Connecticut (?)

May 30:
Carolyn performs at Gerde's Folk City for its re-opening, sees Richard again.

May 31:
Richard and Carolyn's first date, at the Cafe Madrid (or Casa Madrid?) on W. 14 St. in Manhattan.

June 17:
Richard and Carolyn are married in New York City at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. College pal Michael Curtis is best man. In attendance: Cisco Houston, Erik Darling, Clancy Bros, Sandy Bull, Logan English.

They visit New Orleans, and Carolyn's family in Austin. They settle in Charlottesville, VA. Richard eludes the draft by faking an asthma attack. He plays the part of Dr. McGuire in the Thomas Wolfe play Look Homeward, Angel with the Virginia Players. Carolyn records an album.

Back in New York, Richard and Carolyn attend Art D'Lugoff's Christmas party. Richard meets Joan Baez.

Izzy Young and Mike Porco open a folk club, The Fifth Peg, in Greenwich Village. A few months later Izzy leaves the business; Paul Rothschild replaces him. The club is reopened May 30 as Gerde's Folk City.

Joan Baez's first album is released.

John Knowles:
A Separate Peace

Paul Goodman:
Growing Up Absurd

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) is formed in North Carolina. They begin teaching non-violent protest methods to black teens in Mississippi.

FDA approves commercial use of birth control pill (but only for married women).

Sep 25:
Herbert Lee, an African-American, is murdered for trying to vote in McComb county, Mississippi.

1961 March:
Richard's poem to Carolyn, "Celebration for a Gray Day," is published in Atlantic Monthly.

March 3-4:
Richard reads his writings at Carolyn's concert at The Gatehouse in Ithaca.

Apr 10:
Mimi and Joan meet Bob Dylan at Folk City.

Richard and Carolyn drive to Boston for gigs, Terri Thal rides along. Richard and Carolyn decide to stay in the area, living in a house on Chilmark Pond in Martha's Vineyard. They meet Judy Collins at the Great Neck Folk Festival. Adventures with Judy and Bruce Langhorne.

Tom Costner attends Carolyn's sold-out show at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He writes her a fan letter.

Richard accompanies Carolyn at a Club 47 gig, recites poetry and sings "Johnny's Gone to Hi-Lo." They meet Eric von Schmidt.

The next day, Richard, Carolyn, Eric and Dylan spend the day at Revere Beach; Richard pitches his novel to Eric.

Sep 29, Oct 4 & 11:
Carolyn records at Columbia studios with Bruce Langhorne & Bill Lee. Dylan plays harmonica on Sep 29 sessions.

Judy Collins' first album:
Golden Apples of the Sun

Carolyn Hester (Tradition)

Rolf Cahn & Eric von Schmidt

The Songs of Tommy Makem

Joan Baez Volume 2

Robert Heinlein: Stranger in a Strange Land

Joseph Heller: Catch-22

Jul 2:
Hemingway dies.

Fantastic Four #1 inaugurates the Marvel Age of Comics

Bay of Pigs invasion

Freedom Riders head south

Lenny Bruce arrested for obscenity

1962 Jan:
Richard moves to England, Carolyn follows a month later. They perform at the Troubadour, Cecil Sharp House, etc.

They visit Richard's family in Ireland. (chronology uncertain)

Richard, Carolyn and other folkies have a picnic in the French countryside; Richard meets Mimi; he gives them a tour of the cathedral. Richard and Carolyn fight the next day. She returns to U.S. for musical obligations.

Richard and Carolyn travel in Pamplona, Spain, following Hemingway's footsteps. Richard writes a travel essay for Village Voice.

Richard and Carolyn perform with Rory and Alex McEwen at Edinburgh Folk Festival, where Richard and Mimi meet again. Richard, Carolyn, Rory & Alex record an EP, Four For Fun.

Sep 28:
Richard, Carolyn, Rory & Alex perform at Conway Hall, London.

Oct 9-10:
Richard and Carolyn fight. She takes a plane back to US to get a divorce.

Richard persuades Eric von Schmidt to come to London. They go pub-hopping with Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan (1st album)
Peter, Paul & Mary (1st album)

May 8 is declared Carolyn Hester Day in Austin, Texas.

May 14:
Carolyn Hester [Columbia] (with Dylan & Langhorne)

Joan Baez: In Concert, Part One
Ian & Sylvia (1st album)

David Wilson launches Broadside of Boston

Oscar Brand:
The Ballad Mongers

Huxley: Island

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Anthony Burgess:
Clockwork Orange

Nabokov: Pale Fire

Faulkner: The Reivers

Jul 6:
Faulkner dies

Amazing Fantasy #15: 1st appearance of Spiderman

May 18:
Court of Appeals acquits Pete Seeger of charges made by House Un-American Activities Committee

Cuban Missile Crisis

1963 Jan 13-14:
Richard records album with Eric, Ethan Signer and Dylan.

Carolyn divorces Richard.

Richard and Mimi are married secretly in Paris.

Aug 21:
Richard, Mimi, Joan, Kim Chappell and Tom Pynchon go to Monterey County Fair.

Aug 24:
Richard and Mimi officially married at Mr. & Mrs. Baez's rented home in Portola Valley, CA.

Richard and Mimi begin composing songs while living in a cabin in Carmel.

Robert Shelton interviews Richard

Hester: This Life I'm Living

von Schmidt: Folk Blues

Sandy Bull: Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo (1st album)

Peter, Paul & Mary: (Moving)

The Beatles' 1st album: Please Please Me (UK)
Beatlemania rages in UK.

Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

With the Beatles

Thomas Pynchon: V.

Mary McCarthy: The Group

Kerouac: Big Sur

Burroughs and Ginsberg: The Yage Letters

Michael Harrington: The Other America

Richard Hofstadter: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life

Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique

James Baldwin: The Fire Next Time

Jean Ritchie: The Dulcimer Book

1st appearance of Dr. Strange in Strange Tales #110

June 12:
NAACP Field Director Medgar Evers is assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi.

Aug 28:
Martin Luther King's speech at Lincoln Memorial: "I have a dream..."

Sep 7:
Four black girls killed in church bombing in Alabama (Birmingham Sunday)

Nov 22:
Kennedy assassinated

1964 Richard writes article for Mademoiselle, "Baez and Dylan: A Generation Singing Out."

Richard and Mimi adopt Lush from animal shelter

Debut of Richard & Mimi at Big Sur Folk Festival

June or July:
Richard and Mimi move to Cambridge, Richard riding an Italian chariot with Lush and Alfredo Dopico; Mimi rides a train with Joan.

Sep 26:
R&M play Club 47, opening for Mitch Greenhill.

First Fariña song on record: "Birmingham Sunday" on Joan Baez's album, 5

Oct 23:
R&M at Club 47, opening for Gil de Jesus.

Nov 20:
R&M at Club 47, opening for Taj Mahal.

Dec 12:
R&M at Club 47. Spike's Group opens for them.

Dec 25:
R&M at Club 47.

Richard writes poems for Eric Sings von Schmidt album.

various artists: Blues Project
Ian & Sylvia: Four Strong Winds
Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan Show; 1st US tour
Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin'
Rolling Stones 1st album
Beatles Hard Day's Night (U.S.)
Joan performs "Birmingham Sunday" at Newport Folk Festival.
Another Side of Bob Dylan
Simon & Garfunkel's 1st: Wednesday Morning, 4AM
Ian & Sylvia: Northern Journey

Beatles for Sale
Five Live Yardbirds
John Lennon:
In His Own Write

Sometimes A Great Notion

Marshall McLuhan:
Understanding Media

Herbert Marcuse:
One-Dimensional Man

Hundreds of volunteers, mostly white students from Ivy League colleges, volunteer for the Mississippi Summer Project, committed to helping blacks in Mississippi register to vote. (Later known as "Freedom Summer")

June 21:
Three activists, James E. Cheney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, disapprear on their way back from investigating a burned church. Their abandoned stationwagon is found two days later in a swamp near Philadelphia, Mississippi.

July 2:
Pres. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act.

Aug 4:
The bodies of Cheney, Schwerner, and Goodman, are found in a shallow grave on a farm outside of Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Student protests at Berkeley

Martin Luther King is awarded Nobel Prize for Peace

* * * * * THE FARINAS' MAJOR YEAR: 1965 * * * * *
1965 Jan 3:
R&M at Broadside Hootenanny in NYC with Phil Ochs, David Blue, Eric Andersen & others.
Jan 16:
R&M at Club 47, opening for Mitch Greenhill.
Jan 16: (?)
R&M with Judy Collins & Eric Andersen at Sanders Theater, Harvard, in a benefit concert for students arrested for breaking the travel ban.
Jan 22:
R&M appear on Bob Lurtsema's radio show, Folk City USA, with Paul Arnoldi and Jerry Corbitt.
Jan 29-30:
R&M at the King's Rook.
Davy Graham & Shirley Collins:
Folk Roots, New Routes

Rolling Stones: No. 2

Woody Guthrie:
Born to Win

John Lennon:
A Spaniard in the Works

Alex Haley:
Autobiography of Malcolm X

Timothy Leary:
Psychedelic Reader

Claude Brown:
Manchild in the Promised Land

Desolate Angels

John Nichols:
The Sterile Cuckoo

The era of convenience foods begins with the introduction of Tang, Cool Whip, and Shake 'n' Bake.

Feb 21:
Malcolm X assassinated.

Aug 6:
Pres. Johnson signs Voting Rights Act.

Aug 11 and following:
Watts race riots in Los Angeles.

Feb 11:
R&M at Club 47.
Feb 16-20:
R&M at The Loft (their first extended engagement in the Boston area)
Feb 20:
R&M at afternoon Children's Concert series at Club 47.
Davy Graham:
Folk, Blues and Beyond
Mar 13:
R&M at Club 47 (with Nancy Michaels)
Mar 26:
R&M on Folk City USA radio show.
Mar 27:
R&M at Club 47 (with Geoff Muldaur)
Bringing it All Back Home
Apr 10:
R&M at Club 47 (with Nancy Michaels)
Apr 23:
R&M on Folk City USA radio show
Apr 27:
R&M at Club 47
Apr ?:
Celebrations for a Grey Day released
Apr 16:
Bert Jansch's 1st album:
Bert Jansch
May 13:
R&M at Club 47.
May 14-15:
R&M at The King's Rook.
May 24:
R&M at Club 47.
May ?:
At New Gate of Cleve, Toronto.

Sometime in May, R&M stay at Judy Collins' apt. in NYC, and Richard records two songs for Judy's fifth album.

Donovan's 1st album:
What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid

Ian & Sylvia: Early Morning Rain

June 2, 15, 28:
R&M at Club 47.
Byrds 1st album:
Mr. Tambourine Man
Yardbirds: For Your Love [US]
Sandy Bull: Inventions
Hamza el Din: Songs of Nubia
Singer Songwriter Project
Jul 5:
R&M at Club 47.
Jul 9,10,11:
R&M at the Mooncusser.
Sat, Jul 24:
R&M at Contemporary Songs Workshop and Dulcimer Workshop at Newport Folk Festival.
Sun, Jul 25:
R&M headline the "New Folks" afternoon concert at Newport Folk Festival
Rolling Stones:
Out of our Heads [U.S.]
R&M move back to Carmel to work for Joan's Institute for the Study of Non-Violence.
Highway 61 Revisited

Judy Collins:
Fifth Album

Beatles: Help!

Sep 24:
Back on the East Coast, R&M join Joan and many others for "Sing-In for Peace at Vietnam" at Carnegie Hall, followed by a 3-mile march to Village Gate.
Sep [or Oct?]
Appearance on WTBS radio with Barry Tashian.
Dylan single:
"Positively 4th Street"
Oct 2:
R&M at Breath of Life benefit concert at Boston War Memorial
Oct 4-5:
R&M at Club 47.
Oct 8:
R&M at the King's Rook.
Oct :
R&M at Club 47 for afternoon concert; followed by an evening concert at the King's Rook.
Joan Baez: Farewell, Angelina
"Sounds of Silence" is overdubbed with electric guitar and drums and re-released as a single
Nov 26:
R&M open for Judy Collins at Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY
Nov 19-20:
R&M at King's Rook
Having a Rave-Up
Dec 2-3:
R&M at Club 47.

Reflections in a Crystal Wind released

Beatles: Rubber Soul
Byrds: Turn Turn Turn!
Lovin' Spoonful: Do You Believe in Magic?
The Who: My Generation
1966 Feb 17-20:
R&M at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA

R&M appear on Gene Shay's Folklore radio show on WHAT-MF.

Feb 26:
Broadcast of R&M on Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest TV show. That same night, there is a "Folk battle" between Barry Sadler and Phil Ochs with R&M at Boston Folk Festival at War Memorial Auditorium.

Feb 27:
R&M perform again at the Boston Folk Festivil.

Birthday party in New York

Mar 13:
Guest appearance at Joan's Philharmonic Hall concert

Richard begins producing Baez's rock album.

Apr 15-17:
R&M at San Francisco State College Folk Festival

Publication party at Random House offices in NYC. Joan, Mimi and the Chambers Bros are in attendance.

Apr 27:
Charles Sheer of WBAI radio records two interviews with Richard; one about his novel and another about contemporary folk music.

Apr 28:
Publication of Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

Apr 30:
2:00-Autograph party at Thunderbird Bookstore
afternoon-Surprise party for Mimi at Pauline's house
evening-Richard goes on motorcycle ride with William Hinds.
7:00-Richard dies in motorcycle accident.

Mimi moves to San Francisco to study dancing. She settles in an apartment on Alta Steet in Telegraph Hill.

Aug 29:
Mimi, Joan and Pauline meet the Beatles backstage at their concert at Candlestick Park, San Francisco.

Summer and Fall:
Mimi gets involved in San Francisco psychedelic scene, appearing with Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and others. She joins a rock band, The Only Alternative and his Other Possibilities. She meets Steve Katz of The Blues Project, and they live together for a while.

Simon & Garfunkel:
Sounds of Silence
Ian & Sylvia:
Play One More

Lovin' Spoonful: Daydream
Rolling Stones: Aftermath
(Brian Jones takes up the dulcimer)
[US release July 66]

Blonde on Blonde

Beach Boys:
Pet Sounds

Catch the Wind
Incredible String Band
(1st album)

5th Dimension
Roger the Engineer

Jul 29:
Dylan injured in motorcycle accident in Woodstock.


Bert Jansch:
Jack Orion

Judy Collins: In My Life
Joan Baez: Noel

Lovin' Spoonful: Hums
Cream: Fresh Cream

Thomas Pynchon:
Crying of Lot 49

Rod McKuen:
Stanyan Street & other Sorrows

Leonard Cohen:
Beautiful Losers

Robert Rimmer:
The Harrad Experiment

Truman Capote:
In Cold Blood

John Barth:
Giles Goat-Boy

Quotations of Chairman Mao

1st appearance of Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four #48

1st black superhero, Black Panther, appears in Fantastic Four #52

Jim Steranko's 1st work for Marvel Comics: Strange Tales #151

Jan 3:
The Psychedelic Shop opens in San Francisco.

Indira Gandhi becomes prime minister of India.

June 17:
SNCC Chairman Stokely Carmichael introduces message of "Black Power" at a rally in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Dec 1:
SNCC rules to exclude whites from its membership.

1967 Jan:
Mimi accompanies Joan on her two-month tour of Japan, traveling with Manny Greenhill, Ira Sandperl and others.

"Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone" published in Playboy.

Mimi, Judy Collins, Bruce Langhorne and Arlo Guthrie tour Japan.

July 15,16:
Mimi performs at Newport Folk Festival with Joan and Judy.

Oct 16:
Mimi, Joan, their mother, Ira Sandperl, and over 100 others are arrested for blocking entance to Oakland Army Induction Center as part of a nationwide "Stop the Draft Week" protest. They spend 10 days (Oct 18-27) in jail.

Late '67:
Mimi joins a comedy troupe, The Committee.

Byrds: Younger than Yesterday

Beatles: Sgt. Peppers

Joan Baez: Joan

March 30:
Paul Clayton dies.

Acid rock revs up: Debut albums by Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, etc.

Gary Brautigan:
Trout Fishing in America
50,000 people attend Vietnam war demonstration at Lincoln Memorial

Che Guevara is assassinated in Bolivia.

1968 April:

Mimi quits the Committee.

Sep 7:
Mimi marries record producer Milan Melvin at Big Sur Folk Fest (they separate two years later)

Dylan returns with John Wesley Harding

Joni Mitchell's 1st album:
Song to a Seagull

The Pentangle (1st album)

Joan Baez: Baptism

Penny Nichols: Penny's Arcade (with the song, "Farina")

Club 47 closes.

Joan Baez: Daybreak

Thomas Wolfe:
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Richard Hooker: M*A*S*H

Norman Mailer:
Armies of the Night

Carlos Castenada:
Teachings of Don Juan

Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated
1969 May:
Mimi guests on Joan's album, David's Album

Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone

"Ringing out the Old in Happy Havana" published in college issue of Esquire.

Von Schmidt: Who Knocked the Brains out of the Sky? (featuring his song to Fariña, "Catch It")

Last Newport Folk Festival.

Aug 15-17:
Woodstock Art & Music Festival

Carolyn Hester marries David Blume.

Mario Puzo: The Godfather

Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five

Judy Collins Songbook

Silver Surfer #1

Man on the Moon
1970 Mimi appears briefly in the movie Fools.

Oct 3
Mimi and Tom Jans debut at the Big Sur Festival.

Joan's last Vanguard album:
One Day at a Time
New Morning

Joni Mitchell:
Ladies of the Canyon
Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die.
Charles Reich: The Greening of America
James Dickey: Deliverance
Hemingway: Islands in the Stream
Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull
May 4:
National Guard officers kill four students during a protest at Kent State Univesity in Ohio.
1971 Best of Mimi & Richard Fariña

Mimi Fariña & Tom Jans: Take Heart

Jul. 15:
Premiere of musical, Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone, at Lenox Arts Center in Massachusetts.

Sep. 15:
NYC premiere of film adaptation of Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me.

Sep. 25:
Mimi and Tom perform at the 8th (and last) annual Big Sur Festival.

Nov. 17:
New York premiere of Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone at Fortune Theatre.

Jim Morrison dies.

Joan Baez:
Blessed Are and
Carry it On

Joni Mitchell:

Richard Alpert:
Be Here Now

Bob Dylan:

Jul 1:
The 26th Amendment lowers voting age to 18.

Sep 13:
Prison riot in Attica.

1972 May 8:
Patrick Morrow interview.

One Hand Clapping (recorded at 1971 Big Sur Fest; Mimi is only heard as backup vocalist on one track)

Mimi and Tom Jans split up.

Nov 22:
Mimi performs with Joan in Sing Sing Prison.

Joni Mitchell:
For the Roses
Richard Adams: Watership Down U.S. withdraws from Vietnam.

The Godfather (film)

1973 Mimi records a solo album. After a fallout with her producer, she collaborates with Joan on Where Are You Now, My Son?, contributing two of her own songs.

Sing Sing Thanksgiving film broadcast on TV

"The Great Vinyl Shortage" affects the music industry.

Sep 16:
Chilean folksinger Victor Jara is assassinated during the military coup d'etat.

Thomas Pynchon:
Gravity's Rainbow
(dedicated to Richard Fariña)

Kirk Sale's first book:
SDS: Ten Years Toward a Revolution

Henry Kissinger and the CIA instigate a military coup in Chile to overthrow democratically elected president Salvador Allende.
1974 Mimi organizes concert to benefit veterans marching in Washington.

Mimi founds Bread & Roses.

Feb 8: Mimi publishes open letter to Dylan in San Francisco Chronicle questioning rumors of his financial support of Israel. A rebuttal by novelist Jeremy Lerner is published the following Friday.

Baez: Gracias a la Vida
Dylan: Planet Waves
Robert Pirsig:
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Aug 8:
Nixon announces his resignation.
1975 March 23:
Mimi participates in the San Francisco SNACK (Students Need Athletics, Culture and Kicks) Festival.
Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run Kirkpatrick Sale: Power Shift

E.L. Doctorow: Ragtime

March 8 is declared International Women's Day.
1977 Apr: Mimi participates in the "Save the Whale" Rolling Coconut Review benefit in Tokyo with Jackson Browne, Richie Havens, Warren Zevon, Danny O'Keefe, Country Joe Mc Donald, Odetta, Fred Neil.

Oct 7-9: The first Bread & Roses Festival of Acoustic Music

Joan Baez:
Blowin' Away
Vivian Claire: Judy Collins  
1979 Bread & Roses Festival of Music Baez: Honest Lullaby
Dylan: Slow Train Coming
Von Schmidt & Jim Rooney: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down  
1984 Mimi appears in the movie, Massive Retaliation. Tom Rush: Late Night Radio (Mimi sings "A Swallow Song")    
1985 May:
Mimi records material for solo album in Cambridge.

Aug 3:
Mimi appears at revived Newport Folk Festival, the first since 1969.

Late 1985?
Solo is released.

Empire Burlesque
1986 Summer:
Solo is issued on CD.
Jan 25:
Albert Grossman dies of a heart attack.

Vanguard is sold to Welk Music Group in California.

Robert Shelton: No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan  
1988 Best of Mimi & Richard Fariña is reissued on CD (with some tracks left out) Joan Baez:
Albert and Joan Baez: A Year in Baghdad
Charles Bowden: Mezcal
1993 Dec 14:
Solo re-issued on CD.
1994 Memories reissued on CD
1995 Celebrations and Reflections reissued on CD

Mimi appears on Joan's CD, Ring Them Bells

Eric von Schmidt: Baby, Let Me Lay it on You
1997 Mimi attends a Yoga Retreat in Hawaii. Bob Dylan: Time out of Mind    
1999 Pack Up Your Sorrows: Best of the Vanguard Years

After a bout of Hepatitis C, Mimi is diagnosed with cancer.

    The Y2K Scare
2000 March 20:
Bread & Roses 25th Anniversary Celebration at San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.
2001 Jul 18:
Mimi dies, following a struggle with cancer.
Aug 7:
Memorial service for Mimi at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.
Aug 24:
Richard Farina Sr. dies.
Oct 6:
Milan Melvin dies.
Oct 19:
Singer Songwriter Project reissued on CD.
Nov 13:
The Complete Vanguard Recordings
Feb 22:
John Fahey dies.
March 18:
John Phillips dies.
April 11:
Sandy bull dies.
July 7:
Fred Neil dies.

Sep 11:
Dylan: "Love and Theft"

David Hajdu:
Positively 4th Street
Sep 11:
Terrorists attack the Pentagon and destroy the World Trade Center.