The Songs of Richard Fariņa
New York: Music Publishers Holding Corp., 1967. 40 pages.

"Illustrated with black and white photographs of Richard and Mimi Fariņa. Lyrics and tabulations for Farina's songs as recorded by Joan Baez; Peter, Paul & Mary; and Mimi and Richard Fariņa."

The following songs are included in this book:

Another Country
Bold Marauder
Children of Darkness
Dandelion River Run
Hard Loving Loser
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
Joy 'Round My Brain
Mainline Prosperity Blues
One Way Ticket
Pack Up Your Sorrows
Raven Girl
Reflections in a Crystal Wind
Reno, Nevada
Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
A Swallow Song

The score of "Pack Up Your Sorrows" is for the Peter, Paul and Mary version, including Peter's lead guitar. The score of "Dandelion River Run" is for the guitar solo. Lyrics are included for all songs that have lyrics.

Here's what Mimi said about this book in an interview with Patrick Morrow in 1972:

"I have no idea who put this songbook together, but I like it. These songs were recorded first and never written down and whoever put the songbook together knew what he was doing, because it is all appropriately done. Dick and I, neither of us, wrote music, so somebody had to listen to the music and then write it down after hearing it." Popular Music and Society, vol. 2, no. 1, Fall 1972.

I hope the publishers don't mind if I quote the introduction:

In the short time since his tragic death at the age of twenty-nine Richard Fariņa has become an underground legend among lovers of contemporary music. His songs are a striking combination of folk music and rock with primitive and Indian influences. If he were alive today, his music would probably be called "psychedelic." But a glance at the biting social and political criticism in his lyrics quickly dispels any impression of anything vague or "tripped out."

Fariņa's intrument was the dulcimer. In this folio the arranger has successfully imitated its primitive and powerful sound by the extensive use of open 4ths and 5ths on the keyboard as well as unusual tunings on the guitar. See, for example, the use of the D modal tuning on the songs BOLD MARAUDER and ANOTHER COUNTRY. In cases where the record is in an awkward key for guitar, capo directions are given and special chord frames added. In any case, all the arrangements are exactly as recorded and are playable with the record. We know this folio will please those who are already acquainted with the music of Richard Fariņa. For those who are not, it will serve to introduce this great and sensitive artist.

The Publisher

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