Save the Children:
Songs From the Hearts of Women

Women Strike For Peace Records (W-001) May, 1967
Produced and co-ordinated by Judy Collins and Ethel Raim Dunson

Odetta - What Month Was Jesus Born?
Malvina Reynolds - Money Crop
Joan Baez, Judy Collins & Mimi Farina - Legend Of A Girl Child Linda
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Universal Soldier
Judy Collins - La Colombe
Viveca Lindfors - To My Countrymen
The Pennywhitslers - Vido Vido
Barbara Dane - Masters Of War
Janis Ian - Janey's Blues
Hedy West - Pans Of Biscuits
Joan Baez & Judy Collins - Oh, Had I a Golden Thread

This project was launched by Judy Collins and gathered many of the greatest female folk singers of the day. Mimi sings a trio with Judy and Joan on Donovan's "Legend of a Girl Child Linda." Since this album also featured Bruce Langhorne on guitar and Russ Savakus on bass on some tracks, this was somewhat of a Fariņa band reunion. Mimi is only featured on this one track, but, because of the uniqueness of this LP, I thought it appropriate to present the full information.

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