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Richard & Jim Sing American Folk Songs.
Folklore (F-LEUT/5) 1962.
Produced by Tom Costner. Notes by Ron Gould and Margaret Baker.

Folk Songs and Country Sounds.
Capitol (T 2058) 1964.
Produced by Kermit Walter. Notes by Dick Fariņa.
Travelin' Kind (Steve Young)
Railroad Bill (Lockmiller-Connor)
Sun Don't Shine (Steve Young)
Tell Old Bill (Lockmiller-Connor)
Midnight Special (trad)
Stay All Night (Lockmiller)
Charming Betsy (Lockmiller-Connor)
Journey Afar (Steve Young)
Muddy Waters (Lockmiller-Connor)
Freight Train Blues (trad)
Columbus Stockade Blues (trad)
Rabbit and the Log (trad)

Two Boys From Alabama.
Capitol (T 2287) 1965.
Produced by Marvin Hughes.
Watermelon Hangin' on the Vine (trad)
"219" (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Streamline Cannonball (Roy Acuff)
Cripple Creek (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Them Poems (Mason Williams)
Ol' Blue (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
East Virginia (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Oh Baby, It Ain't No Lie (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Cluck Ol' Hen (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Old Home Place (R. Dillard-M.F. Jayne)
Ragtime Annie (trad; arr. by Connor-Lockmiller)
Muleskinner Blues (Jimmy Rogers)

Publicity photo for the Hootenanny TV show:

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