Their Back Pages
This may be the most perfect book jacket ever published. The front is based on a poster von Schmidt created for Baez and Dylan's 1964 tour (depicted below). The poster was in turn based on a photo by Dick Waterman taken at Club 47. Eric attempted to design the illustration and lettering in such a way that neither Baez nor Dylan would appear to outshine the other: Joan appeared first (if you're looking left to right) but Dylan appeared higher, so they were each given equal prominence, equal billing. The front cover of the book, therefore, portrays a clash of egos and draws the reader in with the star status of Baez of Dylan. When the reader closes the book, however, he finds that he has really been reading about Richard and Mimi Fariņa, the great folk-rock innovators who have been all but forgotten by history and relegated to "the back."

Above: a comparison of the cover with the original poster (which was never used, because of objections from both Dylan's and Baez's managers). Eric described the design as a "Toulouse-Lautrec kind of thing" in Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (p. 239). The original photo by Dick Waterman appears in both Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (p. 237) and Positively 4th Street.

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