Odetta / Mimi Fariņa:
Rolling Coconut Revue Japan Concert 1977
Disk Union (FJSP 388)
Released March 2020
Running time: 48 minutes

The Rolling Coconut Revue was a benefit concert to protect whales. Fred Neil and marine biologist Ric O'Barry formed The Dolphin Project in the early 70s, organizing benefit concerts to free dolphins from captivity. The Rolling Coconut Review was their biggest project, culminating in a three-day concert with almost thirty acts:

Friday, April 8:
The Dophin Project Band - Bob Ingram
Eric Andersen
Richie Havens
Rolling Coconut Revue

Saturday, April 9:
Paul Winter Consort
Danny O'Keefe
Warren Zevon
J.D. Souther
Jackson Browne
Sunday, April 10 - Morning
Mimi Fariņa
Terry Reid
Country Joe McDonald
JAM: Fred Neil, Rolling Coconut Revue, Uka Dan
Sunday, April 10 - Evening
Vince Martin
Peter Rowan
Louisiana Red
Sunset Gang
Lonnie Mack
Stuff (a New York City jazz-funk band)

Some history of the concert is told at https://mockford.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/rolling-coconut-review-japan-concert-april-10-1977/ and the complete story is told in depth in Peter Lee Neff's 2019 book That's the Bag I'm In: The Life, Music and Mystery of Fred Neil. An expensive 14-CD box set was released in Japan in 2018, and now they have begun re-issuing the concerts in smaller segments. Mimi begins her set solo, letting her nimble, graceful picking shine on "Old Woman". She then calls Peter Rowan onstage to join her on "Now You've Learned to Love", a song that has never seen a studio release. Paul Winter joins in on "Blue Prelude", a 1930s song that Mimi would often sing with Banana. John Sebastian then steps in to play harmonica on the Fred Neil song "Everybody's Talkin'", and finally Richard Greene joins them on "Pack Up Your Sorrows". It's a short set, but the sound is good, it is great to hear Mimi performing with this unique ensemble.

The entire event was filmed by Eric Christensen (The Trips Festival), but unfortunately the film has never been released.

The CD also has a few photos of Mimi, and of Odetta. The liner notes are in Japanese.

"Opening Show"
April 8, 1977

1. MC Introduction - 1:51
2. Black National Anthem - 1:28
3. Folk Song Suite - 19:11

  • 900 Miles
  • Red Clay Country
  • Another Man Done Gone
  • No More Cane on the Brazos
  • All the Pretty Little Horses
  • Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  • 900 Miles

    "Morning Show"
    April 10, 1977

    4. Old Woman - 3:55
    5. Now You've Learned to Love - 3:49
    6. Blue Prelude - 2:39
    7. Everybody's Talkin' - 4:41
    8. I Can See Clearly Now - 3:06
    9. Pack Up Your Sorrows - 6:53

    Odetta: Vocals, Guitar

    Mimi Fariņa: Vocals, Guitar
    Peter Rown: Mandolin
    Paul Winter: Saxophone
    John Sebastian: Harmonica
    Richard Greene: Fiddle