The Now Sound of Folk Music
Published by Warner Bros - Seven Arts, Inc.
No date. 144 pages.

This songbook includes "Miles." "Miles" also appears in The Richard Fariņa Dulcimer Book, as well as Life is Like a Mountain Dulcimer, but what is unusual about the score in this book is that it includes the lyrics.

Huh?? The lyrics??

Yes, the lyrics!! As we all know, "Miles" as released on Reflections in a Crystal Wind is an instrumental song--the only song credited to Mimi. Thus, the lyrics included here are an important addition to the Fariņa oeuvre. The book has an entire section called "Rare, Previously Unpublished Manuscripts" that also includes:

"Candy Man" by Rev. Gary Davis
"Playboys and Playgirls" by Bob Dylan
"Midnight Train" by Richie Havens
"I Can't Make It Anymore" by Gordon Lightfoot
"Black Waters" by Jean Ritchie
"The Fox" by Odetta Gordon
"Frankie's Blues" by Dave Van Ronk
"That's the Way It's Gonna Be" by Bob Gibson and Phil Ochs

"Children of Darkness" is also included in this book. The version given here is in the key of G, as opposed to the one in Songs of Richard Fariņa, which is in E flat (or, as played on the guitar, D with a capo on the first fret). As usual, the one in Songs of Richard Fariņa is better, since it includes suggested guitar strums.

Detail of the cover. Photo uncredited.

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