Mimi Fariña Photo Gallery
Featuring photos contributed by Fariña fans.

Richard, Mimi, Joan and friends at Big Sur in 1964. Photographer unknown. Thanks to Fred Bals, Norman Druker, Geoff Gough, and Bill Scott for helping me acquire these photos.

Newport Folk Festival, 1965.
© Edward Grazda

Richard and Mimi with and Joan, and with Mary Travers; Newport Folk Festival, 1965.
© John Rudoff, M. D.

The Baez family. Top row: Joan Senior, Albert, Joan Junior
Bottom row: Pauline Marden, Nick Marden, Mimi, Richard, unknown dog (not Lush).
© Betsy Siggins

The Kitchen Sisters (Joan and Mimi)
Banana is directly above Mimi, and on the far right, Freebo.
Contributed by Thomas McKean.

With Tom Jans at the University of Rhode Island.
Contributed by Thomas McKean.


University of Rhode Island.
© Steve Sidoruk


Marshall Tavern in Marshall, CA, March 14, 1971.
© Steve Dulson.

Cambridge Folk Festival, 1971.
© Richard Lewis.

The Boarding House, San Francisco, 1972. © Mary Lanza

At Grendel's Lair in Philadelphia,
September 1972.
© Bill Scott

At The Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA, September 1973,
wearing the dress from the cover of Take Heart.
© Bill Scott.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fall 1974.
© Bill Scott.

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, March 3, 1973, with Ken Lauber, who was her pianist at the time.
© Bill Scott.


September 1978. Photographer unknown. Contributed by Geoff Gough.


© Magne Karlstad.

Mimi and Joan at the Concord Pavilion, California, 1981.
© Jane Ryan
"I took this photo at Concord Pavilion in California. Joan Baez Senior was sitting next to me and asked me to take it. I sent her a copy. What a thrill that was! Also met Joan and her son after the concert. Gabe took my picture with Joan. A day to remember!"

August 1985.
© Tom Costner.
The photo is signed, "Love to Tombo, Aug. '85, Mimi."
Tombo was the nickname Richard gave to Tom Costner, who was the best man at Mimi and Richard's secret Paris wedding. Tom and Mimi remained friends, and he was one of Mimi's caretakers in the end.