Mimi Fariņa Film & Television Appearances
Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest
Aired February 26, 1966

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Summer Sampler: Music in Golden Gate Park
August 24, 1967
Produced by KQED San Francisco.

This one-hour black-and-white show featured Mimi Fariņa, Margaret Fabrizio (a harpsichordist), Ashish Kahn (a sarodist), and Quicksilver Messenger Service. The New York City area T.V. Guide listed "the Miller Band" instead of QMS, but this is not corroborated by other sources. Thomas McKean, a long-time Fariņa fan who saw this on television in NYC, recalls that Mimi performed two songs: Dino Valenti's "Get Together" and Tuli Kupferberg's "Morning, Morning" (which she also performed with Joan at the 1968 Newport Folk Fest). I don't know if this film still exists.

Directed by Murray Lerner

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Directed by Tom Gries

A drama set in San Francisco, starring Katharine Ross and Jason Robards. Mimi appears very briefly in the beginning of the movie, sitting in the park with Katharine Ross and singing "If You Love."

Celebration at Big Sur

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The Dick Cavett Show

Many fans remember Mimi and Tom Jans appearing on The Dick Cavett Show sometime in 1971. If anybody has a recording of this, please let me know!!!

Midnight Special

Joan Baez hosted this episode of the late-night youth-oriented series and sang several songs, including "Love Song to a Stranger," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," and "Prison Trilogy," and concluded with a duet with Mimi, performing her song "Best of Friends." I haven't seen this one.

Sing Sing Thanksgiving
Directed by David Hoffman and Harry Willard

Mimi and Joan sing "Viva mi patria Boliva."
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Brot und Rosen

This was a German-language news feature of Bread and Roses. The narration was German but there were also some comments by Mimi and others in English.
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Massive Retaliation
Directed by Thomas A. Cohen and B.J. Sears

A drama about a group of survivalists who retreat to their camp after the threat of nuclear war. Mimi plays a minor role as Susie Barker, who takes care of the horses on the camp while the owners are away. When nuclear war becomes imminent, she seeks shelter in their house, but the leader of the survivalists won't let her in. Unfortunately, Mimi only appears in three minor scenes in this movie, the first one being about a half-hour in. She does, however, sing "Children of Darkness" at the beginning of the movie, in a duet with Dewey Bunnell, from the band, America. The song is repeated at the end of the movie.


AIDS Emergency Fund Benefit Concert
December 17, 1987
KQED Channel 9 and KQED-FM (live simulcast)

At Warfield Theater in San Francisco, Mimi performs with Joan Baez, singing "In the Quiet Morning" and "Bread & Roses." Other performers: Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir & and John Kahn; Linda Tillery; Emmit Powell & the Gospel Elites; and two gay and lesbian choruses. I haven't seen or heard this one.

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WDR TV, Germany

Mimi and Banana perform "Old Woman" and Hoyt Axton's "Less than the Song" during their tour of Germany in 1988.
(The second song ends rather abruptly).

Marin Women's Hall of Fame

A four-minute video interview with Mimi in honor of her 1988 entry into the Marin Women's Hall of Fame. Interview by Beth Ashley.

CBS News Sunday Morning
November 26, 1989

Reporter John Blackstone profiled Bread & Roses for the CBS News Sunday Morning program broadcast on Thanksgiving weekend. The segment lasts about 12 minutes and includes four or five minutes of comments from Mimi. There are also a couple minutes of John Hammond playing "Mother-in-Law Blues" and talking about Bread and Roses, and other volunteer performers.

Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound
Directed by Mary Wharton
Aired October 14, 2009

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Greenwich Village: Music that Defined a Generation
Directed by Laura Archibald

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