Lush Life

Name: Lush Fariņa
Breed: German Shepherd
Species: Dog
Genus: Canis
Family: Canidae
Order: Carnivora
Class: Mammalia
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Phylum: Chordata
Kingdom: Animalia

Photo by Richie Frizzell, from
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down.

Behind every great folk rock duo, there is a great dog. Or cat. Or something. In the case of Richard and Mimi Fariņa, it was a german shepherd named Lush.

Richard and Mimi adopted Lush from an animal shelter sometime in early 1964. He was a constant companion from then on, attending concerts, road trips, parties, and recording sessions. Lush was somewhat notorious in folk circles for his profligate drinking habits. Jac Holzman, in his memoir Follow the Music, remembers Lush as "ferociously large but mild-mannered due to his vegetarian diet, a true Sixties counter-culture canine." Judy Collins discusses Lush's devotion to Richard in The Judy Collins Songbook, and she also tells that Lush attended his funeral. After that, Lush stayed with Richard's friend Alfredo Dopico in Alaska.

Lush Photo Gallery

Richard, Mimi, and Lush at Central Park.
Photo by Kenneth van Sickle. From the LP, Best of Mimi & Richard Fariņa.

Nope, that's not a squirrel in the pond... it's Lush! Here he practices his voice-throwing techniques on the unsuspecting couple.
Photo by Kenneth van Sickle. From the LP, Best of Mimi & Richard Fariņa.

Lucky Lush with Mimi and Judy Collins, 1965.
Photo by Suzanne Szasz, from The Judy Collins Songbook.

Lush chews on his foot at Judy Collins' apartment (foot not shown).
Humans left to right: Mimi, Joan Baez Senior, Richard, and Judy.
Photo by Suzanne Szasz, from Trust Your Heart, by Judy Collins.

In the studio with Richard, Mimi, Judy, Hal Leventhal and Mark Abramson.