"The Ballad of Joan Baez," by Richard Fariņa.
Hootenanny, August 1964, p. 14, 15, 67.

This article was subtitled, "Myths Have Often Obscured Realities of the Singing Star's Life." It was apparently intended to correct some rumors that Joan Baez was on the fast track to destruction, getting in motorcycle accidents and using drugs and alcohol. Fariņa assures readers that Joan does not use drugs or alcohol and leads a quiet, healthy life in the countryside. (One wonders why it required a writer like Fariņa to report on Joan's wholesome lifestyle!)

Collector Advisory:
It seems there were two different magazines titled Hootenanny in the heady days of the folk revival. One magazine was a tie-in for the ABC television show of the same name (the one that refused to feature Pete Seeger). The ABC magazine had cheap drawings and gaudy photo collages, and it only covered artists who appeared on the show. The other Hootenanny magazine, subtitled The National Folk Singing Magazine, was a more legitimate publication, edited by Lynn Musgrave (from Boston Broadside) and Robert Shelton. Shelton's magazine only lasted four issues; the ABC Hootenanny lasted only three issues. Make sure you get the one with the Kingston Trio cover (pictured at left) if you're looking for the issue with "The Ballad of Joan Baez."

The fake Hootenanny.