Various Artists:
The Vanguard Folk Rock Album

Big Beat / Ace Records CDWIKD 248
February 28, 2005
U.K. only

This album features three alternate versions of Fariņa songs: "Morgan of the Pirate", "Reno, Nevada" and "Hard Lovin' Loser". The latter two are singles versions that differ only slightly from the familiar album versions (see the 45s page for more details), though it's nice to have them on CD. But the real surprise is a dramatically different version of "Morgan the Pirate." As with the Memories version, this is by Mimi, originally intended for a solo album on Vanguard that never materialized. The song features powerful distorted guitars and saxaphones, and the effect, if you're not ready for it, can be like walking past a jack hammer. You'll either love it or hate it.

There is lots more great music on the CD, including many rare tracks and unfamiliar artists, and the attractive 16-page book has excellent liner notes by Alec Palao. The photo of Richard & Mimi on the cover (which appears in no less than four different places on the package) is by Suzanne Szasz, but is credited to Vanguard.

1. Reason To Believe - Patrick Sky
2. Young Blues - The Vagrants
3. Morgan The Pirate - Mimi Fariņa *
4. You'll Never Know What's In My Heart - The Hi Fives
5. Co'dine - Buffy Sainte-Marie
6. When I Was A Cowboy - Ian & Sylvia *
7. Long Black Cadillac - Jackie Washington
8. Back On The Street Again - Steve Gillette
9. Lost Sea Shanty - Circus Maximus
10. Honey - Eric Andersen
11. Someone To Talk My Troubles To - Judy Roderick
12. Hard Lovin' Loser - Richard & Mimi Fariņa
13. January Morning - Ian & Sylvia
14. Oops I Can Dance - Circus Maximus
15. Someday Baby - Jonathan & Leigh
16. Up & Down - The Serpent Power
17. No Rest For The Weary - The Hi Fives *
18. The Hustler - Eric Andersen
19. Gifts Are For Giving - Ian & Sylvia
20. Got No Reason To Cry - Project X
21. Reno Nevada - Richard & Mimi Fariņa
22. Changes - Jonathan & Leigh

* = previously unreleased

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