Various Artists:
Folk Music at Newport, Part 1

Vanguard 77007-2

This CD has a version of "Celebration for a Grey Day" (4:30) which is different from the one on Memories, where it is performed as a medley with "Dopico." That alone may not entice the casual Fariña fan to buy the CD, but it does have an a capella performance of "Swallow Song" by the short-lived duo Kathy & Carol, which is a nice extra treat, especially since their one album, never released on CD, is so hard to find. Carol McComb later became friends with Mimi and they toured together in the early 70s.

All but one of the tracks on this CD are from the 1965 festival, and, as the liner notes claim, the wide spectrum of styles--blues, bluegrass, cajun, jug, topical, folk-pop--and the mix of big names like Joan Baez and Donovan together with unknown performers like the Cyprien Landreneau Cajun Band give an accurate impression of what the Newport Folk Festivals were really like (not that I would know!).

The release of The Complete Vanguard Recordings in 2001 included a version of "Celebration for a Grey Day" which I believe is the same as the one on this CD. The Complete Recordings track is 7:49, but the song ends about 4:30 into the track, followed by conversation between the Fariñas and Jean Ritchie leading up to "Shady Grove." Thus, it is almost certainly the same recording, both sporting a conspicuous whack on the dulcimer early in the song that seems a little off, and other recognizable features. (But the recording on the box set is definitely not the same as the one on Memories, as incorrectly stated in the liner notes of the box set).

To the best of my knowledge, there was no "Part 2" following this CD.

The Songs:

1.) PATRICK SKY Separation Blues 4:37
2.) IAN AND SYLVIA Someday Soon 2:17
3.) IAN AND SYLVIA Play One More 2:47
4.) BILL MONROE & THE BLUEGRASS BOYS Blue Moon of Kentucky 2:25
5.) BILL MONROE with PETER ROWAN and TEX LOGAN Shady Grove 1:55
6.) LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS The Woman I Am Loving, She’s Taken My Appetite 3:11
7.) CYPRIEN LANDRENEAU CAJUN BAND Danse de Blackberry Briar 2:02
8.) REVEREND GARY DAVIS I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land Somewhere 4:49
9.) THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Gold Watch and Chain 2:52
10.) MAYBELLE CARTER Wildwood Flower 2:45
11.) ECK ROBERTSON with THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Forked Deer/Eight of January 3:27
12.) KATHY AND CAROL A Swallow Song 2:47
13.) SAM & KIRK McGEE Milk ’Em in the Evening Blues 2:44
14.) PETE SEEGER Oh Mary Don’t You Weep 3:14
15.) JOAN BAEZ with DONOVAN Colours 3:26
16.) COUSIN EMMY with THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Free Little Bird 1:02
17.) MANCE LIPSCOMB The Sinking of the Titanic 2:31
18.) THE CHARLES RIVER VALLEY BOYS I’ll Meet You in the Morning 2:17
19.) THE JIM KWESKIN JUG BAND Sadie Green (The Vamp of New Orleans) 3:08
20.) BILL KEITH with JIM ROONEY Little Sadie 1:28
21.) RICHARD AND MIMI FARIÑA Celebration For a Grey Day 4:30

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