Film & TV Appearances:
Plain Song and All That Jazz
Aired BBC-TV, September 4, 1962.
Black & white, 30 minutes.

Richard and Carolyn perform at the Edinburgh Folk Festival with Rory and Alex McEwen. Not available on video.
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Rainbow Quest: Mimi and Dick Fariņa
VHS. Norman Ross Publishing, Inc.
Black & white, 52 minutes.

A must-see!!! Richard & Mimi perform several songs on Pete Seeger's TV show.
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Directed by Murray Lerner. 95 minutes.

Documentary of the Newport Folk Festivals, 1963-1966, with very brief footage of Richard & Mimi in concert.
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Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
Directed by Jeffery Young. 90 minutes.

An adaptation of the novel.
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Greenwich Village: Music that Defined a Generation
Directed by Laura Archibald

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A Musical:
Richard Fariņa: Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone
Directed by Robert Greenwald.

A collage of Fariņa's stories, poems, and songs.
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For a complete list of Mimi's TV and film appearances, see the Mimi Fariņa filmography.