The Richard Fariņa Dulcimer Book.
By Neal and Sally Hellman.
Faculty Press Inc., Brooklyn, 1977.
48 pages.
Out of print.

"Songs by Richard and Mimi Fariņa, transposed and in some cases arranged for the Dulcimer by Neal and Sally Hellman."
Illustrated by Jude Goodwin.

This is a book of sheet music in tablature for the three-string dulcimer. It's not a book for the beginning dulcimer player, though it does have some explanation of modes and tuning. It covers 22 Fariņa songs, including not only the dulcimer- driven instrumentals but also some of the more guitar-oriented songs, arranged by the authors for dulcimer, or with suggestions on how to tune the dulcimer to accompany certain songs (such as "House Un-American Blues Activity Dream"). Lyrics are included for all songs with lyrics. So even if you don't play the dulcimer, you can still get the lyrics, and the beautiful illustrations by Jude Goodwin. I've included one of them below, so you can see what her style is like.

The author, Neal Hellman, grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, as did Fariņa, and has recorded several dulcimer albums. He printed 5000 copies of the Richard Fariņa Dulcimer Book in 1977 and finally sold out in 2004. He has since released the book as a PDF file that is free to the world. You can find the link on his Neal's Tales blog at

Neal is also the owner of Gourd Music Shop in California.

Songs included:

Another Country
Bold Marauder
Celebration for a Grey Day
Children of Darkness
Dandelion River Run
Dog Blue
Hard Loving Loser
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
Joy Round My Brain
Mainline Prosperity Blues
Michael Andrew and James
One Way Ticket
Raven Girl
Reflections in a Crystal Wind
Reno, Nevada
A Swallow Song
Tommy Makem Fantasy

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