Judy Collins:
Fifth Album

Released August, 1965
Electra EKS-7300. Re-issued on CD in 1987.
Cover photo by Jim Frawley.
Running time: 44:04

Featuring songs by Fariņa, Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Phil Ochs, Eric Andersen, and Malvina Reynolds, this album could have been titled, "The Best of Folk Music, 1965." Leroy Aaros of the Washington Post declared it a masterpiece, Robert Shelton included it in his list of top ten folk albums of the year. It's one of my favorite albums, too, with stunning versions of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Daddy, You've Been On My Mind." With its mixture of traditional folk songs such as "Lord Franklin" and the best of the new generation of songwriters inspired by Dylan, this album can also serve as an excellent introduction to folk-rock as a whole.

Fariņa plays dulcimer on "Pack Up Your Sorrows" and "Carry It On," and also wrote a poem for the back cover, making this a must-have for all Fariņa fans. The poem was fortunately included on the CD re-issue of the album (but for some reason, it was left out of Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone, the posthumous collection of Fariņa's writings). "Pack Up Your Sorrows" was released as the B-side of a single, the A-side being "Turn! Turn! Turn!," which had appeared on her third album.

In her book, Judy Collins (1977), Vivian Claire said of Judy's fifth album, "One can feel Farina's influence on this album in several ways," and she suggests that his good taste may have discouraged her from covering "sentimentalized, preachy song s like 'Medgar Evans Lullaby' on this album." (p. 47) Ms. Claire may be right, since Judy herself said of this album, "I had the best time I think I ever had recording," when she remembered Dick and Mimi in her songbook (p. 185).

Judy performed "Pack Up Your Sorrows" again in a concert which was filmed for a television show, Directions: A New Time To Sing, broadcast February 12, 1967. The show also boasts a rare film appearance by Bruce Langhorne. If you're ever at the Museum of Television and Radio (in Manhattan and Los Angeles) you can see the video there.

Judy would record another Fariņa song, "Hard Lovin' Loser," on her next album, In My Life (November, 1966). In later years she would often recall her friendship with Richard and Mimi, in The Judy Collins Songbook (1969), and in her autobiographies, Trust Your Heart (1987), and Singing Lessons (1998).

1. Pack up Your Sorrows (Farina/Marden) - 3:10
2. The Coming of the Roads (Wheeler) - 3:31
3. So Early, Early in the Spring (Traditional) - 3:04
4. Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dylan) - 4:04
5. Daddy You've Been on My Mind (Dylan) - 2:52
6. Thirsty Boots (Andersen) - 4:57
7. Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan) - 5:20
8. Lord Gregory (Traditional) - 3:28
9. In the Heat of the Summer (Ochs) - 3:21
10. Early Mornin' Rain (Lightfoot) - 3:10
11. Carry It On (Turner) - 2:44
12. It Isn't Nice (Dane/Reynolds) - 2:58

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