First Edition
Random House, 1966.
(the traditional date given is April 28, though the jacket of the first printing is dated 4/2/66)
Jacket design and illustration by Eric Von Schmidt.
Photo by David Gahr.
329 pages.
LOCC: 66-12011
Shown above is the first printing. In later printings of the first edition, the blurb was changed to note that Fariņa had died.

An early plan for the book, as conceived by the inventive Fariņa, was to create an illustrated novel wherein the drawings would reveal scenes that were not directly narrated in the text. It was to be a new genre that fused narrative and visual art (this is the project referred to on the back of the Dick Fariņa & Eric von Schmidt album). Eric submitted several sketches to Random House, but ultimately they rejected the plan for an illustrated novel because it would have been too expensive. Fariņa's frenetic rock-and-roll style of writing, they decided, was innovation enough for one novel. But they did recruit Eric for the cover design. It is not known if any of his original sketches still exist.

Some copies autographed by Richard on that fateful day are known to exist, many of them signed by Mimi as well. But I've never seen one that had the "ZOOM!" that Hajdu describes in his book.

The inside flaps:

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