Concert Review
From Variety, no. 239. June 2, 1965. p. 60.

This is a remarkable document: a review of a concert that took place in between their first album and the Newport Folk Festival. The song referred to as "When I'm Leaving California" is of course "One Way Ticket."

30 Mins.
New Gate of Cleve, Toronto

Richard and Mimi Fariņa made their first club appearance at Toronto's New Gate of Cleve to an audience of six. But the couple, on the road for the past year, showed few signs of being discouraged.

They sing primarily a Richard Fariņa sampler from their opener, a comic "House Un-American Activity Dream," through a tender and symbolic "The Falcon"; do a singalong (to an audience of six this seemed unnecessary) "Pack Up Your Sorrows" and a rock and roll closer, "When I'm Leaving California."

At the moment, Fariņa's songs are little known but with wider exposure, they should bring him a deserved reputation. One thing that would help would be for him and his strikingly attractive brunet wife Mimi (sister of folksinger Joan Baez) to project themselves more, to stop making whispering asides to each other and to drop what seemed like an affected pose of solemnity.

They have the talent, but little act at this point. The couple has the tonal quality and, with Richard on a soft dulcimer and his wife on guitar, they have an unusual and pleasant sound.

With more work and more confidence, they likely will set a mark in the folkmusic field.


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