Broadside of Boston vol. IV, no. 11, July 21, 1965.

"NEW FOLKS At The Newport Folk Festival"

[A review of the new performers, including Kathy and Carol, Patrick Sky, Gordon Lightfoot, and Mark Spoelstra, began with Richard and Mimi:]

Mimi & Dick Fariņa were selected by our readers as favorites in three categories of our annual poll. Their music is a distinctly different blend of dulcimer, voice, and guitar, which develops themes from many musical streams, including folk, classical, and pop forms.

Dick, born of the high seas between Cuba and New York, was raised alternately in both places and spent some summers in Ireland, wher he was twice arrested and finally deported for activities with the IRA. In France, during the Algerian revolt, he was listed as an undesireable journalist by the French government. He is the author of numberous published articles and songs including the well-known "Birminham Sunday." Mimi, born in California, raised in New England, Europe, and the Middle East, met Dick in France and married him there. After living in California for a short time, they returned to Cambridge, where Mimi persued her study of the dance.

Their first recording was released by Vanguard this spring.

[This article included a photo of Richard and Mimi by Rick Sullo:]

"Don't ask me about my business."

Elsewhere in this issue was a schedule of the Friday and Saturday workshops. The Saturday Morning schedule lists a contemporary songs workshop from 11:00-11:30, hosted by Peter Yarrow and Ronnie Gilbert, with the following artists:

Bob Dylan
Mimi & Dick Fariņa
Ian & Sylvia
Gordon Lightfoot
Eric von Schmidt
Pat Sky

The Saturday Afternoon schedule lists a Dulcimer Workshop from 2:00-3:00, hosted by Jean Ritchie. Mimi & Dick Fariņa are the only artists listed.

Finally, a brief note in the "Bits and Pieces" column announces:
DICK FARINA will leave the East Coast after Newport to teach at JOAN BAEZ'S new INSTITUTE FOR NON-VIOLENCE near Monterey, California.

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