Caroline Doctorow:
Another Country: The Songs of Mimi and Richard Fariņa.

Narrow Lane Records.
Released October, 2008.
Running time: 53:40

Caroline Doctorow - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Pete Kennedy - guitars, vocals, electric sitar, dulcimer, mandolin, bass, ukelele, banjo, keyboards, drums, castanets
Maura Kennedy - background vocals, acoustic guitar
Nancy Griffith - background vocals
Happy Traum - acoustic guitar
Mark Dann - bass
Eric Weissberg - dobro
John Sebastian - harmonica
Graylen Gatewood - mandolin
Annabel Gatewood - harpsichord
Produced by Pete Kennedy.

Caroline Doctorow met Mimi Fariņa when she was a child. Her father, E.L. Doctorow, was an editor for Dial Press in the mid-sixties and worked with Joan Baez on her first autobiography, Daybreak. Caroline remembers Mimi as being "insanely beautiful," and in 2003 she released her first CD, Carmel Valley Ride, a concept album of sorts sparked by wondering what Mimi's life must have been like after Richard's death.

Five years later, Caroline returned to theme of Mimi and Richard to record a full-fledged tribute album, bringing her sweet, rich voice to twelve Fariņa classics (plus a 30-second snippet of the instrumental "Celebration for a Grey Day"). With plenty of acoustic guitars, dobros, mandolins, the occasional electric sitar, and good old John Sebastian on harmonica, Caroline and her band give a fresh spin to these songs while retaining a laid-back, folkie vibe.

  1.) Bold Marauder
  2.) Raven Girl
  3.) Children of Darkness
  4.) Reflections in a Crystal Wind
  5.) Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
  6.) Another Country
  7.) Hard Lovin' Loser
  8.) Birmingham Sunday
  9.) Reno, Nevada
10.) The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
11.) Morgan the Pirate
12.) Mainline Prosperity Blues
13.) Celebration for a Grey Day

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