Ads of Mimi Fariņa & Tom Jans


Detail of a flyer for the Berkeley Folk Festival, 1970.
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The other side of the flyer, showing the full schedule of performers, October 8-11.

Mimi and Tom at The U.C. Davis Coffee House, Davis, California, November 7, 1970. Will Martell and Anthony Plescia open. Artist: Jan Conroy.

Two 1970 ads for Mimi opening for Incredible String Band and Doc Watson at The Boston Tea Party. They seem to be for the same event (same dates) but the second one mentions Tom Jans and the first one doesn't.


At the Gaslight, Dec. 1970-Jan 1971
From New York Times Dec 27

An ad for the same gig.
From Village Voice Dec 31.

At the Four Muses, Feb. 12-13, San Clemente, CA.

At Stonehenge, Feb. 25-27, Ipswich, Massachusetts.
From The Free Paper, Feb 24, 1971.

At the Boarding House in San Francisco, April 18-23, 1971.
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MAYDAY: A benefit for South California Council of Free Clinics, May 1, 1971. With the Association, Joan Baez, Country Joe McDonald, Earth, Wind & Fire, Every Bros, Joy of Cooking, Joyous Noise, Charles John Quarto, Redeye, Rockin Foo, Stoneground, and Jack Nicholson.

Opening for Gordon Lightfoot at Freeborn Hall, UC Davis, on October 14, 1971.
Art by Randy Tuten.

Mimi opens for Cat Stevens, October 25, 1971
at the University of Rhode Island.
Tom Jans is not listed, but was probably there.
From the Cat Stevens website.

Mimi opens for Cat Stevens, October 26, Music Hall, Boston.
Again, Tom Jans is not listed, but was probably there.
From Boston After Dark.

Mimi and Tom open for Cat Stevens at Berkeley Community Theatre, Nov. 24,
and at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Nov. 26.

Another ad for the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds show.
Poster art by Randy Tuten.

Mimi and Tom open for Cat Stevens at the Greek Theater, Nov. 27-28, 1971.


Back at the Stonehenge, March 9-12, with Stephan Grossman.

Mimi and Tom at the Bitter End, April 12-17, 1972.

At the Four Muses, San Clemente, CA, May 6-7, 1972, with Ralph & Holly Barr. This must have been one of their last gigs together.


An ad for Take Heart, from Record World, November 20, 1971, p. 30. The text reads:
It's their just-breaking single from their just-released album called "Take Heart" on A&M. If you saw Mimi and Tom at the Big Sur Festival, or on their tour with Cat Stevens, you know what they can do. When you hear "Letter to Jesus" at home or on the radio, you'll know what to expect from their album. Produced by Michael Jackson. Take Heart SP4310, Letter to Jesus AM1302 on A&M Records and Tapes.

An ad for their single, "Madman"/"Letter to Jesus." This ad appeared in the program booklet of the 1971 Cambridge Folk Festival (July 30- Aug 1).
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An ad for Manny Greenhill's Folklore Productions, listing Mimi & Tom along with many other legends. Drawing by Eric von Schmidt.

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