Ads of Mimi Fariņa in the Eighties


At the Bijou in Philadelphia, April 14-16, 1980.
[From The Aquarian, Apr 9, 1980, p.52]

Principa College, Elisha, Illinois,
April 26, 1980.

At McCabes, June 20, 1980.

Mini-folk festival at The Bottom Line, with
Josh White Jr, Bob Gibson & Tom Paxton
New York City, June 27 & 28, 1980.
[From NYT June 22, p. 12D]

At Folk City in NYC, November 21-22, 1980,
with Rod MacDonald and Judy Castelli
[From Village Voice Nov. 19, 1980]


Mimi & Banana at Folk City, May 9, 1981. Guthrie Thomas opens.


Bottom Line, April 17, 1982.
[From NYT March 23, p. D10]

At Folk City, April 24, 1982.
[From NYT April 9, 1982, p. C5]

Mimi & Banana at Folk City, April 24, 1982.
Dulcimer player David Massengill opens.

At the Euphoria Tavern, Portland, June 13, 1982.
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With John Guth on second guitar,
at Folk City, June 2, 1984.

Note: Richard Farina Senior was in the audience that night, and Mimi sang three of Dick's songs, "Swallow Song," "Children of Darkness," and "Pack Up Your Sorrows."


Mimi at Folk City, January 26, 1985. David Holt opens.

Mimi at Folk City, October 25, 1985. Eric Bibb opens.


Mimi opens for Steeleye Span and Leo Kottke at The Beacon Theater, June 21, 1986. The MC was Pete Fornatale, who also interviewed her on the radio.

Two ads for Mimi at the Speakeasy, NYC, Saturday, July 26, 1986. John Gorka opens. Once again, Pete Fornatale is the MC.

Mimi in the Nineties

Tour of Germany, October 3-10, 1990.

Mimi appeared with Joan at a benefit for Seva's Native American Project Fund, October 10, 1992, at Esalen Institute. Other performers were Arvol Looking Horse, John Trudell & Grafitti Man, Timbuk Three, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Little Bear Tom Nason, Charles Lloyd, Jimmy Messina, Kenny Loggins, Baba Olatunji, and Wavy Gravy.

Ads of Uncertain Date:

An ad for Mimi and Eric Andersen playing in the U.K.
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Mimi appearing at the Euphoria in Portland, Oregon.
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