Ads for Mimi Fariņa Solo, before Tom Jans

A concert featuring Joan Baez, Mimi Fariņa, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ed Keating, and Don Duncan. October 8, 1966. This was a concert to raise money for the Congressional District Write In Committee for Phil Drath and Peace. I hope Mimi recovered from the Acid Test in time for this political event!

"Dance of Death Costume Ball," October 31, 1966, at California Hall, San Francisco.
The Grateful Dead, Mimi Fariņa, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.
Artist: Paul Hawken.

An ad for Save the Children, on which Mimi sang "Legend of a Girl Child Linda."

Two slightly different posters for a two-gig event: "Western Maintenance Presents Dave van Ronk, Mimi Fariņa and Fred Neil." At Berkeley Community Theater and San Francisco Masonic Auditorium, August 25-26, 1967. Artist: Greg Irons. From The Art of Rock, plate 2.262. I'm hoping to get a better scans of these some day.

"A Celebration of Life, for Peace Through Music," July 5, 1970, at LA Sports Arena.
With Johnny Rivers, Tom Smothers, Buddy Miles Express, Peter Yarrow, Barry Melton of Country Joe & the Fish, Leigh French, Beau Bridges, friends of "Hair."

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