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From The New York Times, May 8, 1966.
The fine print:
"This is the story of an extraordinary young man of our time... an unforgettable vagabond of rebellion just as heroic and funny and offbeat and wise and sexy and daring and wild as the rest of his generation would like to be. He, too, has tried LSD, prayer, unbridled sex, demonology, science, even art. But he goes about it all with such sardonic humor, such gallant diabolism, such scorn for today and tomorrow that he takes on the dimension of a new kind of folk hero. His story rings true. For it is told by a young author who speaks with the voice of today's young rebels... who knows their secrets and their language... their gods and their demons... their courage and their fears... and who writes about them in a way that is as new and fresh and different as everythign they dared to do."

"It's a wild ramble of a novel", says Robert Gover, author of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding, "sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying, always on the move."

An ad for the 1983 re-issue by Penguin.

Positively 4th Street.

New York Times
June 19, 1969.


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Two theatre posters and a New York Times ad for the Paramount film adaption of Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, which premiered in September of 1971 in New York City, and fizzled out very quickly.

Two ads for Murray Lerner's film, Festival (1967).
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Two ads from Sing Out magazine, November 1965 and March 1966.
The ad for Reflections in a Crystal Wind shows the wrong cover.

This ad appeared in Sing Out July 1966, and was apparently intended as a tribute to Richard after his death.

Albert Grossman's ad for the impressive stable of artists he represented. This was printed in the program booklets for 1965 Newport Folk Festival and the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

An ad for Joan's 1995 album Ring Them Bells, which featured Mimi as a special guest.


An ad for an event in honor of Mimi's 60th birthday and
the 40th anniversary of Celebrations for a Grey Day.
Hosted by Douglas Cooke and Thomas McKean.

An ad for an event presented by Richard's cousin, Omar Lugones, October 1, 2011.