Ads for Richard & Mimi Fariņa's Concert Appearances

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Concert Ads, 1964
Concert Ads, 1965
Radio Appearances

(All Boston-Cambridge area ads are from Broadside of Boston magazine unless otherwise stated.)

Club 47: September 26, with Mitch Greenhill.

Club 47: October 23, with Gil de Jesus.

Club 47: November 20, with Taj Mahal.

Club 47: December 12, with Spike's Group.

Club 47: Christmas, 1964.
[Evidently their first gig without sharing the bill.]


Club 47: January 16, with Mitch Greenhill.

Harvard University, January 16, with Eric Andersen and Judy Collins.

Harvard University, January 16, with Eric Andersen and Judy Collins.

[Note that Richard & Mimi had TWO gigs on this date: One at Club 47 and one with Judy and Eric Andersen at Harvard. Did they make both gigs??]

King's Rook: January 29-30.

Club 47: February 11.

The Loft: February 16-20.

The Loft: February 16-20.

Club 47: Children's Concert, February 20.
(The Children's Concerts were in the afternoon, so there would have been no conflict with their final night at The Loft.)

At right:
Club 47: March 13, with Nancy Michaels;
March 27, with Geoff Muldaur.

Club 47: March 27 with Mr. Muldaur [same gig relisted];
and April 10, once again with Nancy Michaels.

Club 47: April 10, with Nancy Michaels [relisting];
and April 27 on their own.

King's Rook: May 14 and 15.

Club 47: May 13 and 24; and
The Shelter, May 12, 19, and 26
[Note: Mimi states in an interview that the play was never performed]

Club 47: May 24 and June 2
[Note that another play has replaced "The Shelter" for May 26]

Club 47: June 15.

Club 47: June 28.

Club 47: July 5.

Club 47 calendar for July, 1965, designed by Byron Linardos.
These calendars were handed out at the club.
From The Art of Rock: Posters From Presley to Punk,by Paul D. Grushkin. New York: Abbeville Press, Inc., 1987.
Click to enlarge.

Mooncusser: July 9, 10, and 11.
This was apparently their first appearance at the Mooncusser.
[After this, they moved back to California to help Joan with her Institute for the Study of Non-Violent Action.]

War Memorial, October 2.
Breath of Life Benefit Concert, with Charles River Valley Boys, Carolyn Hester, John Koerner, Jim Kweskin's Jug Band, and Tom Rush.
(Wow, that must have been awkward with Richard, Mimi, and Carolyn at the same concert!)

Club 47: October 4,5, and 9.

King's Rook: October 8-9.

King's Rook: November 19-20.

Opening for Judy Collins at Westchester County Center, November 25, 1965.
(From New York Times, Nov. 25, 1965, p. 64.)

Club 47: December 2-3, 1965.


"Folk City USA" radio show, January 22, 1965.

"Folk City USA," March 26, 1965.

"Folk City USA," April 23, 1965.

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