Bill Amatneek:
Acoustic Stories

Sepastapol, CA: Vineyards Press, 2003.
192 pages.

Bill Amatneek is an upright bass player who has performed with nearly everyone on the acoustic scene from the early sixties onward, and this warm little book is a collection of reminiscences of his many musical acquaintances, including Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, and Jerry Garcia--twenty-one tales in all.

Amatneek was Mimi's bassist in the late seventies and early eighties, playing with the Bread & Roses "house" band for their annual fundraisers, and later for some of her solo gigs. The ten-page chapter on Mimi recounts playing with her in Alaska, performing for Bread & Roses, and the last letter he received from her before she died. A photo of Mimi (uncredited) is included.

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