The Fariņa 45s
Many thanks to Greg Pennell for his useful observations on the variations in the LP and 45 mixes and recordings.

Mimi and Richard Fariņa: "Reno, Nevada"/"One Way Ticket"
Vanguard VRS-35030

"Reno, Nevada" (2:45)

This version of "Reno Nevada" clocks in at 2:45. The LP version is 3:33. Both voices are higher in the mix and the fade out is slightly different.

"One Way Ticket" (2:50)

The 45 clocks in at 2:50; the LP, 3:22. Again, the voices are higher in the mix and there is a different fade-out. All these mono mixes are different from the mono LP versions. At this point, Vanguard seems to have been doing what A&M did at that time: doing stereo masters and making fake monos by compressing the stereo four tracks down into mono.

Mimi and Richard Fariņa: "Pack Up Your Sorrows"/"Joy Round My Brain"
Vanguard VRS-35032

"Pack Up Your Sorrows" (2:39)

The single version is 2:39, as opposed to 2:56 on Celebrations and 3:00 on Memories. This may have been the same recording with different editing (longer or shorter) and different fade-outs.

"Joy Round My Brain" (2:36)

The single version clocks in at 2:36, while it's 3:45 on Memories. I think these are two different recordings, as almost everything is slightly different (different "woah-HO"s, different breaks and a different fade).

The "Reno Nevada"/"One Way Ticket" 45 is earlier than "Pack Up Your Sorrows"/"Joy Round My Brain," but not by much. Paul Williams, editor of Crawdaddy magazine, says that he had his single signed by Fariņa at the Main Point (as told by Richie Unterberger in Urban Spacemen p. 250). This means that the release date for both would be around February of 1966.

Richard & Mimi Fariņa: "Hard-Loving Loser"/"One-Way Ticket"
Amadeo AVRS 21354

An Austrian release, uniting two hyphenated Fariņa classics. Issued shortly after Richard's death, the flip side reprinted his obituary from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Judy Collins: "Turn! Turn! Turn!"/"Pack Up Your Sorrows"
Elektra EKS-45680 (1969)

"Pack Up Your Sorrows," with Richard on dulcimer, is the same track as on Judy's Fifth Album.
Below, picture sleeves from Germany (Metronome J 27047) and France (Elektra Int. 80714).

Joan Baez: "Pack Up Your Sorrows"/"The Swallow Song"
Vanguard VRS 35040

"Pack Up Your Sorrows" (2:47)
Arranged and conducted by Trade Martin.
Produced and supervised by Richard Fariņa

Probably released in the summer of 1966, following Richard's death and the cancellation of Joan's "rock album" to be produced by Fariņa. "Pack up your Sorrows" reappeared on Joan's 1993 three-CD collection Rare, Live & Classic.

"Swallow Song" (2:46)
With orchestra conducted by Richard Fariņa

The single version is 2:46, and the Memories version 2:47. The time difference alone is negligible, but the single version does have a very audible harpsichord in the early part, and a different nylon-stringed acoustic guitar in the later part. This could have just been the mono mix, with some tracks mixed higher than on the stereo, but it sounds different to me.

Joan Baez: "Pack Up Your Sorrows"/"The Swallow Song"
A VRS 21355

An Austrian version of the above single. Same recordings, but it came with a picture sleeve.

There is a dedication to Richard on the cover:

Joan Baez: "Pack Up Your Sorrows"/"O' Cangaceiro"/"The Swallow Song"/"Stewball"
Amadeo 15807

A French version of the single, with extra tracks.

Joan Baez: "There But for Fortune" / "Pack Up Your Sorrows"
Philco HP-36

Here's an unusual item: A "hip-pocket" record. This was a mini flexi-disc measuring three inches. These were sold in vending machines in the late sixties. Issued by Philco, a division of Ford Motor Corp., by arrangement with Vanguard.

Joan Baez with Mimi Fariņa: "Let it Be"/"Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
Vanguard VRS 35145

"Poor Wayfaring Stranger," with Mimi singing duet on the chorus and background vocals on the main part. The track first appeared on David's Album (1969) but the single probably came out in 1971, since the A-side, "Let it Be," appeared on Blessed Are. Mimi was credited as "Mimi Fariņa Melvin" on David's Album but by the time this single came out she had seperated from Milan Melvin. (Interestingly, Joan signed the liner notes "Joan Baez Harris" on the album--that name never caught on either!)
A French version of the single, with picture sleeve.

Mimi Fariņa and Tom Jans: "Letter to Jesus"/"Madman"
A&M 1302
Above, the U.S. edition.
At left, a Norwegian picture sleeve version (AMS 857).

Both tracks are the same as on the album.

Mimi Fariņa and Tom Jans: "Good God, I'm Feeling Fine"/"Good God, I'm Feeling Fine"
A&M 1339
"Good God, I'm Feeling Fine," written by Tom Jans, in mono and stero versions, both 2:51. This song was not included on Take Heart. Hopefully they will include it if they ever issue a CD of the album.

Joan Baez with Mimi Fariņa: "Mary Call"/"Best of Friends"
A&M 12782
Two songs written by Mimi, performed by Joan Baez (with Mimi) for her album, Where Are You Now, My Son?

On the UK version (AM 7072), the A-side was "Less Than the Song" (written by Hoyt Axton, but Mimi sings on this one, too).

At left, a German picture sleeve version.